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Pastoral Care Team

Our Pastoral Care Team offers practical support and care to our church community in times joy, growth, change and hardship, aiming to support people in every season of life. They have the privilege of coming along-side people providing ongoing spiritual and practical encouragement. 

This team is chosen from seasoned members of the church and have the qualifications of a biblical Elder. They assist the Pastor in fulfilling the vision and mission of the church.

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Life Groups

Life Groups are how we care for each other. 

Life Groups have one simple purpose - to bring people together. 
We are truly better together, and you'll find you agree 
once you join your first group. 


You don't need to have it all together to host a Life Group - you just have to be willing to let God use you. Contact the church office who will connect you with our Life Group Lead to discuss next steps toward leading your first group! We believe God uses Life Groups to change people's lives, and as a leader, you get to be a part of that!


6 weeks - 6th grade

We love kids!  We believe kids are an active part of the church today and we desire to come alongside parents to help their children come to know God personally. We want your kids to love church so we are committed to creating fun and safe environments for them where we teach the Bible and the love of Jesus!

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Grades 7 - 12

Our mission is to help students discover who they are in Jesus Christ and become the world changers they were created to be.  There is nothing more important in their life than knowing Jesus Christ personally.  Knowing Him will lead them to walk in the God-given power of the Holy Spirit and will allow them to radically change their culture. We communicate with youth and parents primarily by text so please contact us to be added to the list and to find out when Youth is currently meeting.

Guest Services

We believe that each of us was created to make a difference in others. At Harvest, that happens on a Dream Team where you can use your gifts and talents to share the love of Jesus and encourage others in so many different ways. From door greeting to Info Desk host and welcoming kids in classrooms, there is a place for you. We invite you to find community and get involved by joining a Dream Team.

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Men & Women's Ministies

Throughout the year, we host a variety of events geared toward men and women. If you would like to connect with our Men's or Women's Lead, contact the church office!


Check our calendar for upcoming opportunities. 

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