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our church governance

Because only 9.1% of Americans go to any Evangelical church of any kind, we're not a church that sees much logic in dividing over all sorts of theological issues. And even though we are a contemporary and non-denominational church, we belong to a large and notable evangelical organization, the Association of Related Churches.

We believe church governance is important and have found the Classical Hybrid model, which is commonly used by  thousands of churches world wide, to be the most beneficial for us. It merges elements of all four of the classical forms of government taking many of the strengths of each classical government while minimizing their weaknesses. A copy of our Bylaws are available upon in-person request.

Two great resources that explain church governance are included here:

Happy Church Governance - Failures, Fights and the Bylaws to Prevent Them by Pastor Peter Haas

After researching hundreds of church splits and disasters, what can we learn from them? What if we could structure our churches better? You can now download an early draft of this upcoming book.

Decently and In Order by Bob Yandian

Subjects include:

How God moves in a body of believer.

The reasons Christians are promoted.

The various offices of the local church.

The qualities of a successful leader.

The degree of authority pastors should have.

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