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Our Story

Welcome to Church for the Harvest, a vibrant community of believers founded in 1999 by Pastors Mike and Rhonda Bartolomeo. What began as a humble gathering in their home has grown into the thriving church family we are today, guided by a promise from God and a passion for seeing lives transformed, equipped, and empowered to do whatever it takes to reach people for Jesus.


From October 2000 - 2006, as our congregation continued to expand, we operated as a mobile church. In 2006, to accommodate our growth, Harvest secured a facility which alleviated the challenges of being mobile.


A pivotal decision was taken by the church in 2021 to initiate the construction of its own facility. This vision came to fruition in April 2022 when we joyfully stepped into our beautiful new church home.

We are a church family that joins together to know Jesus better, to reach our local and surrounding communities as well as the nation and mission fields across the world.

We understand that God created each of us for a purpose and we love that the environment of Harvest allows us explore that purpose and equips us to put it into action!


We fully believe that when we have a healthy relationship with God and His people, we will be empowered to transform the lives of those around us.

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